A Takedown-resistant website, and the new Internet


Welcome! This is your first time in a takedown-resistant website! (probably).

This is the first post of a series of posts in which I’ll explain how the IPFS is going to change the way we share public documents and data (including real estate registration), how it can be used for smart contracts (and it is much better than blockchain for this! believe me), and how it will allow us to create an unstoppable and uncensorable internet.

The uncensorable internet

Yes, this site cannot be removed from the internet and I don’t have any company providing me the hosting service for it.

I can run this website without any server, without any host, because I’m using a brand new technology, still under development, called IPFS: the InterPlanetary File System. IPFS is a new decentralized peer-to-peer file system model, that allows all computers (cell phones included) to work together for file and computer process sharing.

Network topology types

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Pablo Cerdeira is the Head of the Center of Technology and Society - CTS/FGV and the former Rio de Janeiro's Chief Data Office