Presentation - ENAP - Government Focused on Citizens

29/06/2017 by

It was a pleasure for me to be invited and to speak about Government Focused on Citizens at the National School of Public Administration - ENAP, in Brasília.

On this presentation, you will find details behind the idea of a Governmental Big Data Office at Rio de Janeiro, a project lead by me from 2013 to 2016. You will see why we need to rethink the way our governments run, and my ideas on how to do it.

In this panel was followed by Christopher Corcoran (NYC MODA founder and senior consultant of Lexington Mayor) and Patricio Rodriguez (professor at Chile University).

Sidenote: I’m very proud to be recognized as a “Global thought leader in using data to improve government services” by Christopher Corcoran, at 50m43s of the video below :-)


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Pablo Cerdeira is the Head of the Center of Technology and Society - CTS/FGV and the former Rio de Janeiro's Chief Data Office