How data is renewing and reshaping Rio de Janeiro

15/12/2016 by

An amazing report produced by Harriet Loos for the Centre for Public Impact, regarding the PENSA Team. According to the researchers, “Rio is taking it to the next level”!

In this report, Harriet shows how Rio are using data from public and private partners to design public policy and to tackle Rio’s top issues.

Standing with Pablo Cerdeira, Rio’s first chief data officer, we have arguably the best view of the city. We’re not up on Christ the Redeemer or Sugarloaf Mountain, but inside Rio’s three-storey Operations Centre, looking down over its mission control. The whole city is represented in front of us in multiple dimensions on a huge wall of screens – live video footage combined with traffic data, weather predictions, and maps of current incidents including floods, accidents, and power failures.

Much has been written about Rio’s use of real-time data to provide coordinated emergency response. But we’re here to ask Cerdeira about another, more proactive use of this data, championed by his organisation PENSA.

The report is available here: How data is renewing and reshaping Rio de Janeiro

You can also check a PDF version below:

Pablo Cerdeira is the Head of the Center of Technology and Society - CTS/FGV and the former Rio de Janeiro's Chief Data Office