IDB Third Regional Policy Dialog

12/10/2016 by

I am in Bogota, Colombia, to present a lecture and participate in discussions on the IDB Third Regional Policy Dialog - Open Government In Latin America and the Caribbean. The speech of the Opening Ceremony will be held by Juan Manuel Santos, the President of Colombia and the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize. I am here to present cases developed in Rio de Janeiro by the Big Data: PENSA Team on how to promote innovation in government in order to improve the outcomes of public services, doing more and better with less.

About the DRP:

In April of 2014, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) launched the Regional Policy Dialogue (DRP, by its Spanish acronym) on Open Government with the aim of promoting regional cooperation to face the challenge of implementing open government policies. The DRP is a space for the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and innovative practices at the ministerial and/or vice-ministerial levels, between the 26 borrowing countries of the Bank, multilateral agencies, and international experts. In previous years, the Dialogue has been held in Washington (2014) and Asunción (2015), and countries have shared experiences in citizen-oriented open government policies, public services improvement, and transparency enhancement.

This third edition is being organized along with the Government of Colombia, and it will focus on promoting digital innovation and information management to strengthen government transparency and improve public services. The experience of Colombia in this area will be shared, and participants will present regional and international experiences on the potential of government innovation labs, data analysis for improved control systems, and the predictive power of Big Data to improve the provision of sectorial public services, such as social services and government statistics.

Pablo Cerdeira is the Head of the Center of Technology and Society - CTS/FGV and the former Rio de Janeiro's Chief Data Office